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December, 2004

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    Repro This!

    Pop quiz: A tester finds and logs a bug. Some days (weeks (months)) later a developer picks up the bug and runs through it. Lo and behold, the bug does not occur. What should the developer do with this bug? Most common answer: Resolve the bug as "No Repro...
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    Bad Error Message! Bad! Bad!

    I was xcopying some folders this weekend. (xcopy: the poor man's backup system.) Everything was going swimmingly. Or so I thought, until I noticed that some files that should have been copied weren't. What!? xcopy has never failed me before! What's going...
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    Grow, Darn You, Grow!

    Apoorva writes: Being a team lead, one would take it as his duty to bring out the best in his team (STE's who work under you). How do you manage to do that? Do you (or Leads/Managers at Microsoft) manage to identify certain weaknesses/strengths in your...
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    Tis The Season For Overeating, Fa La La La La, La La La La

    The division holiday party was this weekend. A Beatles cover band that also did just about everything else, a very good comedian, a hypnotist I didn't see (at least I don't *remember* seeing <g/>), roaming Elvis and Madonna and Marilyn Monroe, a...
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