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January, 2005

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    You Can't Fix Every Bug

    Apoorva writes: Handling bugs when you are relatively close to ship date? Would like to hear some "real time" stories about some difficult decisions you had to make while shipping a product and what made you take those decisions. Say, convincing dev to...
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    Exterminate Those Bugs!

    When I close my email program if often doesn't really close. The UI disappears, but Task Manager shows the process to still be present. It's either doing some very extensive processing or stuck in an endless loop; I let it run for multiple hours once...
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    Choose Your Own Adventure

    When you're in college December and May are the big "What do I want to do with my life?" points, but once you're out in the real world January takes over this timeslot. Of course, if you really care about your career and life goals you'll be pondering...
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    You Gotta Work!

    Apoorva asks: How do work assignments take place for STE's? An example would be, I was testing this product which involved client/server stuff. I was assigned to test the funtionality of the server. In short, anything in the spec which was server related...
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