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February, 2005

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    Slow And Steady Wins The Race

    When I was a fresh-faced programmer I was the fastest codeslinger around. I could spew code out like nobody's business. I didn't need to bother with design or spec'ing. You want a program to do what? Bam! Here it is. Something not quite right? Bam! Here...
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    Grading On A Curve

    A topic I've been pondering of late is grading test cases. If I have two test cases that appear to do exactly the same thing, how do I decide which one to keep and which one to turn off? If I am wading though a large number of failing or unstable test...
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    Good Enough

    While I personally believe that every bug is worth fixing, the reality of business often causes the minimum-cost-for-maximum-benefit line to be drawn elsewhere. Heck, even customers often prioritize new features over bug fixes! (Not that this is a choice...
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    Test Me

    Our BVTs have grown rather encumbered and encrusted of late, so we recently embarked on a project to trim them down to a more reasonable size. This turned out to be an interesting process, mostly because it quickly became clear that we didn't have a single...
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