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April, 2005

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    Build Me Up Tear Me Down

    It's rather a peculiar state of affairs, but one sign of a well maintained infrastructure is that there is always some part of it under construction. Right now downtown Seattle is in various stages of de- and construction as crews build light rail...
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    To Power Point, And Beyond!

    I've been reading Cliff Atkinson's blog Beyond Bullets since his first post and have been trying out his techniques for turning those boring bullet point-filled presentations (i.e., just about every one you've ever seen) into engaging discussions that...
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    Show Them That You Care

    Apoorva asks, in response to my post from SD on the House Of Quality : But how does one reach out to a broad spectrum of customers? Getting feedback from a regular/power user is not that difficult - but how do you get passive users interested in participating...
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