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September, 2005

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    How Do You TDD UI?

    Something I've been experimenting with recently is Test-Driven Design (TDD) for user interfaces (UI). In brief ( see Wikipedia for further details ), with TDD you write a test, run it to be sure it fails, and then write just enough code to make it pass...
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    Sparkle Bloggers: A Compendium

    I've mostly avoided linking to bloggers on my team for fear of inadvertently giving away what we are doing. Now that we are public that's no longer a worry. So: here is every blog-by-a-Sparkle-person I know about. I'll update this list as people tell...
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    Mrmmmf == Microsoft Expression “Sparkle Interactive Designer”

    Finally I can say! The super-secret app I've been working on all this time is the long-rumored Sparkle! Simply put, Sparkle Interactive Designer is the Windows Presentation Foundation designer everyone doing WPF work have been clamoring for. For the full...
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    I Am Victorious!

    I wrote last month about my travails in attempting to unit test an Avalon - I mean, Windows Presentation Foundation - application. I vowed to prevail, and indeed I have. As is often the case, it's pretty easy once you know how. <g/> The basic...
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    A device I have wanted for a long time is a Mobile Digital Whiteboard, which I've taken to calling an Inkboard. Copious detail in the article I just posted , but in short an Inkboard is a sort of low-end Tablet PC that is super thin, doesn't have much...
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