I've mostly avoided linking to bloggers on my team for fear of inadvertently giving away what we are doing. Now that we are public that's no longer a worry. So: here is every blog-by-a-Sparkle-person I know about. I'll update this list as people tell me "Ummm...you left me off"!

Sparkle Bloggers:

  • Manuel Clement (html, rss), designer
  • Amir Khella (html, rss), program manager
  • Samuel Wan (html, rss), program manager
  • Joe Marini (html, rss), program manager
  • John Gossman (html, rss), developer
  • Lutz Roeder (html, rss), developer
  • Peter Blois (html), developer
  • Adam Ulrich (html, rss), test manager

Acrylic Bloggers:


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