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October, 2005

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    The Best Software Writing Indeed!

    I just finished The Best Software Writing I , selected and edited by Joel Spolsky . The idea is that Joel asked his readers to nominate their favorite online articles from 2004, and then Joel picked through the nominations and put them together in a hardcopy...
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    My Favorite Things

    With apologies to Rodgers and Hammerstein, and Julie Andrews: BVT blockers and feature team meetings, Checking in code and build folder cleanings, Making my dev cry with hardly a strain: These are a few of my favorite things. Installing new builds...
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    Testability Improves Your Product

    I've talked about testability before , but I recently had an experience that reinforced for me how improving testability directly improves the product. I am working with my good friend and mentor John Gossman to write a Visio-to-XAML converter. Our first...
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    Dr. Dobb's + Me

    Dr. Dobb's published my article " Achieve More Comprehensive Verification With Less Work " online - check it out!
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    End The Positive/Negative Schism!

    For any specific feature there are of course an infinite number of possible tests. Humans don't generally deal with infinity very well, so we have devised a number of categories that allow us to think in terms of a much smaller set of tests. Categories...
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