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December, 2005

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    Roadmap For The Next (Five) Year(s)

    Goals are important. Without a goal - something you plan to do, accomplish, achieve - you can only wander aimlessly. (Or I guess you can always become a sedentary part of the scenery...) Note that this is *not* to say that wandering aimlessly is bad;...
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    When To Automate

    My team has a goal of 110% automation, but: not every test is worth automating. What's more, the value in automating a particular test case changes depending where in the product cycle you are. Or as I said in a presentation on this topic: What should...
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    Signature Strengths

    Thanks to one of my blogroll (I forget who and can't reconstruct) I found the VIA Signature Strengths survey . It says my strengths (in order) are: Self-control and self-regulation. I self-consciously regulate what I feel and what I do. I am a disciplined...
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    Thanks to the good folks at LogoWorks I now have a logo! I didn't have any clue what I wanted at first, but I am super happy with the final result. And thanks to Register4Less I now have a ten year lease on TheBraidyTester.com . There's not much...
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