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January, 2006

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    My Perfect PC

    It's been a loooong wait, and it's not all available yet, but this is what my perfect computer would look like: A slate Tablet PC with a screen about the size of a paperback book (about 4" x 6"). This is big enough to use but small enough I would...
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    Testing For Developers

    When we testers find yet another "Did you even run this?" bug, it's easy to believe developers purposely inject bugs just to taunt us. I have worked with a lot of developers over the years, and I've found that they generally do try to test their code...
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    StarEast, Here I Come!

    I'm excited to announce that I'll be presenting my talk "Hallmarks Of A Great Tester" at StarEast ! I have the after lunch slot Wednesday, but I think I'll keep y'all awake! So sign up if you already haven't and ensure I have an audience full of hecklers...
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    Re: When To Automate

    Patrick comments on my When To Automate post: I am confused by your third bullet in that unstable/newly developed/high change code should have automated tests written for it. It has been my experience that test automation is a great deal of work...
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    I Can't Test This

    (with apologies to MC Hammer; various parts of chori blatantly plaigarized from Weird Al Yankovic) I can't test this. I can't test this. I can't test this. I can't test this. My my my my application crashes so hard Makes my left flank want to guard...
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    How To Become A (Great) Tester

    Linda asks how one gets into the software testing field. "Are there certain formulas I would need to know or certain classes I would need to take? Or is it something I would have to learn as I go along the way?" To my knowledge there is not yet any...
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