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July, 2006

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    Forty Miles?

    No real post today, as I'm attempting forty miles on my Trikke : I'm starting (#0) just south of Volunteer Park in Capitol Hill (Seattle, Washington). I head down to Lake Washington and trek along its shoreline until I hit Seward Park (1), around...
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    Fast Today Or Fast Tomorrow - Your Choice

    My trainer has me timing my morning workouts as one way to track my progress. One day I realized that I had rushed through my workout, paying more attention to beating my previous time than to my form. Needless to say, that workout wasn't very effective...
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    "Developer" Diary

    Dr. Dobb's Journal recently started a new column titled "Developer Diaries", where they interview a few developer types each issue. I'm not exactly a developer, but I am featured in the August issue! If yours hasn't arrived yet, or you're not a subscriber...
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    Take One Down, Try It On, Ninety-nine More Possible Metrics On The Wall

    Anutthara comments on my " Fast Today Or Fast Tomorrow " post: How am I to convince myself or others that expending this extra effort initially will lead to benefits later esp when there is no documented result that proves so? This often presents itself...
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    Bad Dev Lead! Bad! Bad!

    A Diligent Reader has a doozy of a question: As a test team lead, have you come acress scenarios where you believe that dev is incorrect in the way they interact with test? Is there a tester anywhere who hasn't? I have yet to experience the joy...
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