No real post today, as I'm attempting forty miles on my Trikke:

The forty mile route I'm attempting on my Trikke today

I'm starting (#0) just south of Volunteer Park in Capitol Hill (Seattle, Washington). I head down to Lake Washington and trek along its shoreline until I hit Seward Park (1), around which I'll loop. Then I take city streets west past I-5 (2) and over the Duwamish river, at which point I take the Duwamish Bicycle Trail north to Alki (3, aka West Seattle). I continue around Alki past its westernmost point (4) and down to the Fauntleroy Ferry (5). Then it's back east a bit and then north to where I cross over my path and take the West Seattle Bridge (6) to the waterfront bicycle path. From there it's downtown (7), up through the International District and back to where I started.

Google Earth says it's forty miles. Today is supposed to be near eighty degrees (Fahrenheit). I did twenty-five miles a few weeks ago in about five hours, but it was cooler that day. We'll see if I survive! <g/>