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October, 2006

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    R E S P E C T

    Reader Jim writes: I wanted to ask if you have any advice on how to deal with developers when reporting/verifying bugs. You betcha I do! I go to great lengths to show my developers that I am their ally, not their adversary. As I've said before...
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    Tester Mentality

    I tech screened a tester this morning for a position on my team. I always ask the candidate to describe the tester mentality. I loved today's interviewee's answer: More than the product working perfectly without any crash assert, if it is not intuitive...
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    NOK? ACK!

    Reader Geth writes to ask that I talk about what he refers to as NOK - Not OK - testing. The basic premise is to determine how robust the application is to failures, how gracefully it handles problems. For example, when the database is unavailable...
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