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December, 2006

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    Software Wonderland

    [To the tune of "Here Comes Santa Claus"] Here comes a developer, here comes a developer, Right down software lane. Slinging code and flinging bugs, Oh my they are so vain! They think that once their code compiles It must be all right; Bugs don't matter...
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    Testing In Five Easy Steps

    James Bullock recently presented his Big Book Of Testing at the Seattle QA SIG. I'm sorry to have missed it - I decided Colombia would be more fun <g/>. Reading the PDF isn't the same as hearing James present it would have been, but how often do...
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    Can Developers Test?

    Diligent Reader Ayaz asks: Everywhere there is talk about *the tester mentality* and how the testers should refine their approach towards a problem. My question is what would you advise a *developer* so that he can test his code and catch the bugs...
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