Harry writes,

Hi Micahel,

I'm a regular reader of your blog. I run a blog on requirements and software engineering so we have some common interests.

Currently there is a game of Blog-tagging going on, which works like a kind of chain-letter. The idea is that the person (owning a blog) that gets tagged, shares five little-known facts about him or herself and tags five other persons (owners of blogs). I got tagged by former colleagues and shared some secrets: http://hij2mc.wordpress.com/2007/01/13/blog-tagged-truth-or-dare-for-bloggers/

I wondered from which bloggers I would like to know more and decided that you are definitely one of them. Hope you like sharing some secrets with us.

I've been wondering whether someone would tag me for this! Scoble wishes this meme would die. I think it's loads of fun. Forthwith, five things you probably don't know about me:

  1. I was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Why? That's where my parents happened to be when I decided to come into the world. They left when I was a year old. We came back through Europe - Paris and Germany and Amsterdam oh my. My parents have all these pictures of me in all these cool places, and I don't remember any of it!
  2. I have a degree in Architorture from IIT. Thankfully I got in just before they started hiring professors that did weird-to-me things like have the class build things out of bones from chickens they cooked themselves. My favorite teacher was Chris Karidis. I survived a year of Alfred Caldwell.
  3. When I was growing up I wanted to be a train engineer. My family joked that any train I drove would need a slew of extra cars - one for all my books, one for all my musical instruments, one for cows to provide all the milk I drank (which quantity is zero these days), and so on. Then I learned that engineers can't read or do much of anything except stare out the window, and suddenly I wasn't interested in that career anymore. I do still enjoy trains however!
  4. I have never owned a car. I will never own a car. I do have a driver's license. Public transportation, walking, and my Trikke get me most of where I need to go; FlexCar gets me everywhere else.
  5. This is not exactly a secret but I haven't said much about it either: I'm giving away my best ideas and art at FreelyOffered.com.

Now, who to tag?

[Edit 1 Feb 2007: Removed extra "my" in secret number three.]