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February, 2007

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    Sign + Cup = Teaching Moment

    I learned/had remembered to me several interesting things by posting that street sign . (Yes, Warren, I snapped that in Toronto.) What seems complex, complicated, or confusing to one person may seem simple, clear, and obvious to another. Context...
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    Brain Overload

    Tell me, please, when exactly it is OK to park here? This is perhaps the most complicated set of parking rules I have seen. I am glad that a) I do not have a car, and b) I do not live anywhere near these street signs!
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    They're (gasp) Everywhere!

    Recently I was shopping for music at a well-known online store. This store often suggests other albums related to the one you are browsing and offers you a package deal where if you purchase both the CD you are browsing and a related CD you receive a...
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    Payback Time

    One thing I think is super important is stopping work on the important projects I am doing, and especially any urgent tasks with which I am occupied, and focusing instead on items which have a less direct payback. Research which may not turn into anything...
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    Hot Fix Heaven

    How do you handle emergency fixes to your software? Hot fixes, patches, QFEs (Quick Fix Engineering) - an "oops we gotta fix that yesterday" by any name means a bunch of work for...somebody. Some teams handle QFEs like hardware interrupts. They go...
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