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May, 2007

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    Tester Quiz

    A short post today because I am pushing all the work over to you! <g/> How many answers to "38.30 - 1 1/2 = ???" can you think of? Here are a few to get you started: 36.80 (assuming both are decimal numbers) 36.30 (assuming minutes.seconds...
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    Tatoo Detective

    When a Microsoftie moves to a different group we typically take one of our machines with us. I opted to take my four-year-old desktop as that meant I also took my flat panel monitors, to which I have grown rather attached. As I frequently work outside...
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    A few weeks ago I read a suggestion by somebody somewhere to stop saying the word "but". Much of the time, they said, "and" works instead. This seemed interesting, so I decided to give it a Thirty Day Trial . Now I have mostly removed "but" from my vocabulary...
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    I was planning a post filled with griping about people expecting testers to robot down lists of test cases rather than use their brain. Then I decided such a rant wouldn't be so useful to you. Instead of reading me today, howsabout you visit the new...
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    Riffing On Testers

    Recently I heard of a company who is downsizing their test department because their developers are going to start unit testing. There are a bunch of reasons why this could be exactly the wrong thing to do. There are also a bunch of reasons why it could...
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    I Am Not Finding Bugs

    Now that I've been in my new job a few weeks you might be wondering how many bugs I've found. I've found exactly one, and that was only because a unit test hung on my machine. (On a line of code which had a comment that maybe the operation needed a timeout...
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    Hunter Hunted

    If you follow my DDJ blog you know I have been interviewing people about testing . Some time back I interviewed Pradeep . Now he has interviewed me !
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