When a Microsoftie moves to a different group we typically take one of our machines with us. I opted to take my four-year-old desktop as that meant I also took my flat panel monitors, to which I have grown rather attached. As I frequently work outside of my office I requested a (decked out, natch) laptop. Me being me, I personalized it a bit:

My new laptop sports an 'I'd rather be testing' tatoo

How do you like the tatoo? <g/>

And did you notice it's a Mac? (A fifteen-inch MacBook Pro, to be exact.)

One of my projects now is figuring out how to do cross-platform test automation. Write Once Run Everywhere. It seems possible to me. We'll see.

Michael Bolton's advice when I asked whether he knew of anyone working in this space was "Humans do cross-platform testing out-of-the-box. Do you really need to automate?" I likely will end up automating at least some of my tests. I am however starting with the assumption that all of my testing will be manual and then I will selectively choose which tests to automate, as opposed to assuming everything will be automated and fall back to manual testing when a specific test turns out to be difficult to automate. I am curious to see how it goes.

So why am I testing on a Mac? The answer to that will have to wait a while. More info as soon as I can give it!