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June, 2007

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    Business BASIC(s)

    Some years back a store near me started having a going-out-of-business sale. Six months later it was *still* having a going-out-of-business sale. A nearby newsstand which was also closing for good mocked it with signs that read "Come here for a real going...
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    The Answer Will Hit You Like A Ton Of Bricks

    Question: Would you rather be hit by a ton of feathers or by a ton of bricks? Most people answer "A ton of feathers". Some people - usually ones who have been accosted by this question before - answer "It doesn't matter, a ton is a ton". I answer...
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    Testing Estimation

    Sonal asks: Could you discuss on estimating testing for a manual/automation project? How long to estimate the estimation, how many test cases designed per day (though this sounds like a bad statistic). Test case designing and testing per se never...
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    Tester Dragon

    Rather than spending hours crafting a post this week, I decided to spend hours crafting a cartoon (click to see it bigger): Other captions which didn't make the cut: "So you're the new tester, are you?" Jim's "Most Bugs In A Single Checkin...
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