Rather than spending hours crafting a post this week, I decided to spend hours crafting a cartoon (click to see it bigger):

Other captions which didn't make the cut:

  • "So you're the new tester, are you?"
  • Jim's "Most Bugs In A Single Checkin" award was delivered by a representative from the Test team.
  • Tom receives a visit from the Test team's enforcer.
  • The developers always knew when they broke a BVT.
  • For some reason William's developers fixed every bug he found.
  • It didn't matter that he couldn't read code. The dragon was the most effective code reviewer on the team.

*** Want a fun job on a great team? I need a tester! Interested? Let's talk: Michael dot J dot Hunter at microsoft dot com. Great testing and coding skills required. Not drawing skills though. <g/>