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August, 2007

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    If I Understand You Correctly

    Recently my wife and I were discussing the book I was reading. She had already read it and asked me what was happening so she could know how far along I was and thus what she could say without spoiling the plot for me. I gave her a short synopsis of recent...
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    Testing Ideals

    I have been thinking about what an ideal software development process might look like: The product team would understand exactly what their customers want to do and how their product could help their customers do so. Developers would understand...
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    Planning Does Not Necessarily Make Perfect

    For the past several months I have been testing setup for my application. Actually, that's not true - it is only about two weeks ago that I started testing. The two months before that I: Wrote the test specification, getting it reviewed and signed...
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    Testing In The Wild

    Recently I read Edward Hutchins's Cognition In The Wild . Edward researches human cognition. Rather than setting individuals to a purpose-built task in a research lab he observed navigation teams on U.S. Navy ships. He was interested in how groups think...
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    Quantum Testing

    Once upon a time, I thought testing was about finding bugs. Once upon a time, I thought I should be able to find every bug in my product. Once upon a time, I thought testing was about ensuring no bugs escaped to customers. Once upon a time, I...
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