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January, 2008

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    Two Hour Parking

    Signs such as this one are a common sight in Seattle's residential neighborhoods. I imagine the transportation department believes it to be clear and unambiguous. I beg to differ. Your assignment for this week is to devise as many different interpretations...
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    Campy Bear Heuristics

    Here's a puzzle for you: I am out camping. One day I mark my spot and then walk one mile due south, at which point I turn ninety degrees to my left and walk one mile due east. I pause to admire the scenery, am startled by a bear, and run one mile due...
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    Zoning For The Holarctic Region

    Last week I asked you to see how many different interpretations of this sign you could devise. After an hour or so I had the following: Cars may be parked for up to two hours unless any of the following conditions apply, in which case they may be...
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    Check It Out

    Recently I heard a tester venting about their developer. It seems this developer routinely complains that the tester keeps him from doing his job: "You never let me add features! You always say no! If it wasn't for you I would be up on stage demonstrating...
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    CASTing For Participants And Papers

    If you are looking to attend a testing conference this year, consider CAST 2008 . CAST is not your typical conference. While each session does start with you sitting in rows staring at PowerPoints, each session ends with you discussing anything and everything...
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    Developers Develop And Testers Test; What Else Is There To Know?

    New Year's Day is traditionally the time when people sit down and examine their life and vow to make copious far-reaching changes...and then last night's egg nog wears off and life goes on as normal. <g/> If, however, you would like to see...
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