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April, 2008

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    The Braidy Tester Went To PSL And All I Got Was This Lousy Song

    [To the tune of The Beatles' Octopus' Garden] I wish that I could be A tester who sees Bugs before they happen Yes I do I'd point them out With joy my dev would shout Because over that one He wouldn't stew My PM would say "Away you must not stray...
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    It's A Live (Mesh)!

    A year ago I joined a team building a top secret project. Today we threw off our invisibility cloak and revealed ourselves as as Live Mesh . Come on over and browse around. Subscribe to our team blog , where I'll be posting from time to time. Then come...
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    Campy Conclusion

    These, then, are the five parallels I see between drawing and testing: Work what you see, not what you know. Copying and deconstructing the work of people you admire can help you identify the works’ parts and understand how they...
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    Shifting Subjects

    I mentioned earlier that I started learning to draw so that I could sketch houses I saw in my head. When I went out sketching I noticed all sorts of interesting people whom I sketched as well, and I found these subjects to be a fascinating challenge....
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    Timely Tempo

    As I learned the vocabulary of drawing I realized that most of my drawings were detailed studies where I attempted to record every last detail. I decided to switch to gesture drawings - quick sketches whose only intent is to get the spirit of the pose...
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