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February, 2009

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    Falsely Responsible

    Newbie testers often believe they can actually stop their product from shipping. Product teams often foster this belief by forcing their testers to sign off on their product before shipping it. Can you imagine the result if we decided to exercise our...
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    Testing Curiosity

    What drew you to testing? What keeps you here? What would cause you to leave? I fell into testing by accident. Autodesk needed testers for a new version of AutoCAD, I had registered copies of AutoCAD, they asked if I was interested, I said "Oh yeah...
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    What Is Your Favorite Bug?

    I mentioned in my last post that I love hearing testers (anyone, really) talk about the bugs they find. This gave me an idea: why not collect people's bug stories here? If you would like to contribute a story about your favorite bug(s) (i.e., those whose...
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    Heuristical Madness

    Recently I was thinking about the plethora of Test Heuristics floating about the blogosphere. HICCUPPS , CRUSSPIC STMPL , FCC CUTS VIDS , and on and on and on. Eventually I became overloaded and started searching for a heuristic to help me sort through...
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