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March, 2010

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    Raman's Favorite Bug

    We were seeing weird issues for Microsoft Systems Management Server's (SMS) Software Update Reports like sometimes the reports would show a negative number of compliant machines or a negative number of machines where Updates had been downloaded. The customer...
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    Corey's Favorite Bug

    My favorite bug was an issue that would cause a test hang on roughly 1 machine in 100 running overnight stress. All the test threads would get stuck making TCP connections, and we’d see the same memory signature in the kernel heap which indicated one...
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    2010 is going great for me! 2009, on the other hand, was the sort of year I wouldn't wish on anybody - and that I wouldn't give up for anything. The amount I learned about myself, why I do things the way I do, and what I could do about it - and what...
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    John Mac Millan's Favorite Bug

    I was testing a radar system that controlled the guns and missile launchers on a naval combat ship. The radar system consisted of a Fore subsystem, Aft subsystem and a Weapons subsystem. After several months of testing we discovered that if we started...
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