My son, Blake, is 3 years old, and on Saturday, for the first time in his little life he picked up and used a fishing rod. We were on a friend's boat on Lake Washington all day, and Blake simply loved using it. I have to admit, I kinda cheated by tying a plastic yellow fish to the end of the line, so we wouldn't have to take him to the emergency ward if he got a hook through his (or someone elses!) nose. But at least he caught a fish every time!

Personally, I find fishing about as exciting as watching golf, watching tennis, sitting through long compiles, watching grass grow or watching paint dry.

Phishing, on the other hand is of great interest to me.

So how good are you at spotting phishing attacks?

Oh, if you do get a fishhook through your nose, the first aid is to:

  2. Take a pair of pliers
  3. Push the hook through the skin, 'til the barb pops out next to the entry point.
  4. Snip the barb off the hook
  5. Pull the 'neutered' hook out.

Now, you know!