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February, 2007

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    How to get a US Passport in 1.5h Hours

    This is a true story. Last Thursday I flew from RSA in San Francisco back to Seattle. When I got back I helped my wife pack the bags for our trip to New Zealand. At about midnight, after we'd done all the packing, I got the passports out of the safe...
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    UAC BS

    Howdy once again from RSA. It's raining. So much for sunny California! Jeff and I just gave our talk about Windows Vista Security Engineering. It was a packed room. In fact, when we got to the room we saw a bunch of people milling around outside. We...
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    Something Windows Vista Parental Controls cannot protect against

    Howdy from RSA in San Francisco - I just got here, and I have a talk tomorrow morning @ 9AM about Windows Vista Security Engineering. Now to the topic of this post. One of my favorite features in Windows Vista is Parental Controls. I like the feature...
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    What is it that makes security hard?

    I’ve been asked this question numerous times, often in the guise of a question like, “why can’t you guys simply fix the security problem?” or “reliability and scalability problems are understood and solvable, why can’t you do the same with security?”...
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