A few weeks back I wrote how my 5 year old son, Blake, decided to hack into our computer. Well, it gets better.

Blake is reading pretty well now, and can write too. But he still comes across words he needs to sound out phonetically.

Yesterday, my wife and I did some cleaning up around the house, and one thing that got moved was a small fireproof safe containing various documents. Blake asked me what was in the box. I told him it was a safe, and we had some papers in there we wanted to keep safe. Hence the name, 'safe.' He giggled at the association. Then he asked if he could look inside, I said, "sure, as soon as I find the key." To be honest, I had no clue where the key was at the time.

I went about my business, and headed into the crawlspace.

A few minutes later I heard Blake say, "TTTTT  AAAAHHHH KKKKSSSS, T A KS, TAX!"

After hearing the word, "tax" I climbed out of the crawlspace and walked over to where I heard him, and there he was in front of the open safe, looking at tax documents. "How did you open the safe, Blake?", I said. He replied, 'I found the key!" "Er, how did you find the key?" He then said, "It was with the other keys, and the key says, 'safe' on it. So I figured this is the key. And what's a tax?'

Gotta love 'em!