A few weeks ago someone in my group suggested I blog about more than security. I asked, "Why?" He said, "So people will realize you're not a droid!"

So here is my first post that has nothing to do with security, it's about parenting. More to the point, it's "write things down your kids say, you'll forget otherwise." I've started keeping a little journal of cute/funny/silly things they say so I can embarass them when they start dating!

I have two munchkins, Blake 6 and Paige 4 (going on 18) We recently sold our home (yay!) in only two weeks (yay!) for basically what we asked for (yay!) as we're moving to Austin in a few weeks (yay!) So I had to go into the crawlspace to make sure everything looked fine. As I removed the cover to the crawlspace a little crowd of two gathered.

Blake: What are you doing?
Me: I'm going into the dungeon!
Paige: Why?
Me: To look for monsters (did I ever tell you I'm cruel :) Luckily, the kids know I'm joking.
Me: Who wants to join me in the dark, dusty, dirty dungeon?
Blake: Not me!
Paige: uh-uh!
Me: Ok. If I don't come back in 15mins a monster got me, so tell mom.
Paige: We'll miss you dad!

<30mins goes by - finally I pop out from the crawlspace - I'd found a very old, very dead, desiccated mouse - the kids were nowhere to be seen. At the 15min mark I had seriously considered screaming to pretend a monster had got me, but I figured that was over the top, but I really wanted to do it!>

Me (shouting): Hey guys, look what I found

<scampering of little feet>

Paige: What's that?
Me: It's a dead mouse
Blake: Cool! Can I see?
Paige: How did it die dad?
Me: I don't know, perhaps it ran out of food
Paige: What do they eat?
Blake (rolling his eyes, and muttering sarcastically): Paige, they eat dead people.