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July, 2007

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    Some of us won't be at Blackhat

    I am sitting at Austin airport about to catch a plane to Redmond to help a cadre of us deliver Windows 7 security training, and I just realized something. Yet again, and highly reminiscent of my post from last year , I won't be at Blackhat this year...
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    Iron Chef at BlackHat

    Eric Bidstrup has just posted some commentary about Iron Chef at Blackhat event over on the SDL blog. By the way, what the heck is an "iron chef" anyway?
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    Inspect Your Gadget

    Dave Ross and I recently wrote an article on the in's & out's of writing secure gadgets for Windows Vista. Because gadgets are considered full-trust applications, you must understand some gadget security basics.
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    Windows Vista Integrity Paper

    Howdy from a little coffee shop (no, not Starbucks) at the entrance to our subdivison in Austin! I can't wait to get broadband up and running at the house! Peter Brundrett, the PM behind the integrity levels work in Windows Vista has written a very...
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