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  • Blog Post: It's Official: Jeff Jones has *WWAYYY* Too Much Time on His Hands

    I think I'm a girl-elf in this , however!
  • Blog Post: Dev Tip: Opening Commonly-Accessed Files

    When I'm writing code, there's one file I need to access constantly - WinError.h, the file that lists all the Windows errors constants. SSSSoooo... I had to find a way to get to the file which is buried somewhere in the C:\Program Files\blah blah\Visual Studio blah blah\VC\something\include\lots-of files...
  • Blog Post: Privacy Tip o' the Day

    I'm stunned at how much private data the average citizen will divulge. I was buying some stuff yesterday, and the clerk at the checkout asked the customer in front of me for her phone #, which she was quite happy to give. Next, I was signing up for gym membership, and the guy in front of me wrote his...
  • Blog Post: The Bluetooth Keyboard Mystery: Solved.

    My wife's got a pretty spec'd out box at home with a 30inch widescreen LCD flat panel and a Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard and mouse . She loves it. But every now and then the keyboard simply stops working. To make matters worse, I can't find my wired keyboard. This has been going on for months... ...
  • Blog Post: Well, I never expected this. Take 2

    Yesterday, based on some negative feedback, I made a post stating I would keep my blog a tech blog rather than adding anything personal. Oh-my-God did the floodgates open! Basically, I got twenty times more email and comments saying, "No, post the personal stuff, we love it. And if we don't like...
  • Blog Post: Well, I wasn't expecting that!

    Yesterday, I decided to add a more personal angle to my blog by posting about my kids. Well, I got a ton of email saying, "keep it technical." OK! I listened. It's tech from now on :)
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