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March, 2009

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    Lost your job? Let OneNote and Office help!

    My own experience with unemployment happened at a time when jobs in every industry were plentiful and when you would get an actual phone call or a polite letter informing you of the fate of your application. Those days are pretty much over. If you don’t sharpen the tools in your arsenal to keep up with the times, you may lose out. With so many people losing their jobs recently, the Office Online team has launched a brand-new Career Center to help Microsoft Office users with every step of a career or job search. We’ve even partnered with the experts over at to make the whole process a snap. Also available is the new OneNote job application tracker. This free, template-based tool can be added to any section in your OneNote notebook to let you keep track of your applications, resume versions, contacts, follow-ups, and more. Read my full blog post to check it all out! ...
  • Nota Bene: The OneNote Blog

    Love OneNote? Show your support!


    Each month, as I go through customer comments and feedback here on my blog and from the articles on the Office Online site, there’s a recurring theme that we on the OneNote team never grow tired of hearing: Our customers really love OneNote. If you count yourself among those of us who can’t live without OneNote, it’s now easier than ever to show your support. Check out this blog post for a list of links to new OneNote communities on the Web and on Facebook. (If you hurry, you can enter a $500 Amazon gift certificate drawing!)

  • Nota Bene: The OneNote Blog

    Learn from a pro: Real-world draft management in OneNote 2007

    Some of the best computer tips out there aren't ever “in the manual.” They come from watching someone else work, letting us peek over their shoulder while they complete a real-world task with the software they’ve chosen, and then learning from their technique and style. Today, I'm pleased to announce the premiere episode of “A Writer’s Guide to Microsoft Office” — a new podcast series written and hosted by my teammate, Joannie Stangeland. In her first episode, Joannie shows us how she uses a variety of OneNote 2007 features to manage writing drafts that she prepares for submission to publishers. Joannie didn’t select OneNote as her tool of choice for draft management because she works for Microsoft during the day. She immediately realized its benefits back when OneNote 2003 had been released and few people (even within Microsoft) had heard of it. There was no book or Help topic to teach an aspiring writer how they might use OneNote to work with drafts and manuscripts. Joannie developed her own technique when the cumbersome clutter of paper and manila file folders quickly failed her....
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