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April, 2009

  • Nota Bene: The OneNote Blog

    A “Send to OneNote 2007” print driver solution for 64-bit Windows

    Hands down, the “Send to OneNote 2007” print driver feature has become one of OneNote’s most popular features. It works as an extension to the printing system built into Windows, allowing you to send information from your computer applications directly to the pages of your OneNote notebooks. In addition to saving a ton of paper, you can do many convenient things with this option. Think of it as a “reverse import,” with more control over how you can send stuff into OneNote. Once you start to appreciate this feature, you’ll never want to give it up. But what can you do when you’re running OneNote 2007 on a 64-bit version of Windows? Up until now, the print driver only worked on 32-bit versions. OneNote Principal Group Program Manager David Rasmussen has developed a solution to the conundrum. Read my full blog post for information on how to verify your edition of Windows, where to get David’s solution, and to learn more about the history of the 32-bit/64-bit print driver issue....
  • Nota Bene: The OneNote Blog

    Download the new “Green Living Ideas” notebook for OneNote

    In celebration of Earth Day on April 22, I’ve put together a new “Green Living Ideas” notebook that you can download for free. Use it to list, organize, and keep track of a variety of “green living” ideas, options, and opportunities. This notebook contains five suggested sections, all of which you can customize by changing and deleting anything that doesn’t apply to your personal situation or preference and adding items as necessary. The result is a custom Green Living Ideas notebook that you can use and share with your family, friends, and co-workers — even the ones that don’t yet have OneNote. Read my full blog post for shortcuts to training and video demos that make notebook customization, note tags, and Web research with screen clippings a cinch — plus get your hands on a free PowerPoint deck that contains a OneNote 2007 training presentation you can use to persuade your office co-workers to go green with OneNote!...
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