Welcome!  This post is just an introduction.  I work in the CLR team on the Rotor and Semiworks projects.  In the future, you will see more from me about both of these projects.  I’m new to the CLR team and Microsoft (although I worked at Microsoft as an intern 10 years ago).  Before joining the CLR team in October, I worked for six years in Intel’s Microprocessor Research Lab (I’ve just noticed that this web page still lists me as working in MRL...)  At Intel I was one of the designers of the Open Runtime Platform.  ORP is a virtual machine for both Java and CLI.  If you’re curious, a good overview article of ORP is available in the Intel Technology Journal.

While still at Intel, I became interested in CLI.  I was on the ECMA standards committee for CLI and I implemented large parts of the CLI support in ORP including the first ORP JIT that supported CLI and a simple GC that supported features required for CLI and that are not needed for Java (like managed pointers). 

We are working on the new version of Rotor but you can download the existing version today.  I will work with the rest of the CLR team to make Rotor an even better platform for research and for understanding the CLI specification.  And don’t forget that Rotor shares a lot of source code with the CLR, so by studying it, you can get an understanding of how the Microsoft commercial CLR works! 

Peter Drayton and Joel Pobar who are also in the Rotor team have their blogs too.  Have a look at their postings to find out more about what we’re doing!