Here are a few more files.  Enjoy!

  • ceefilegenwriter.h
    • Comment:
      // CeeFileGenWriter contains all the code necessary to actually write an exe
      // while CCeeGen contains everything else. This lets CeeGen.exe and the VM
      // share more code without forcing the VM to carry the extra code to write an
      // exe.
    • Notes:
      1. See ceegen.h.
  • ceegen.h
    • Notes:
      1. Defines three classes: CeeSectionImpl, CeeSection and CCeeGen.
      2. CeeSection delegates to CeeSectionImpl object that is passed to the constructor.
      3. This file defines PE file writer used in CeeFileGenWriter.h.
      4. CCeeGen implements a COM class that implements the COM interface ICeeGen (in cor.h).
  • ceegentokenmapper.h
    • Comment:
      // This helper class tracks mapped tokens from their old value to the new value
      // which can happen when the data is optimized on save.
    • Notes:
      1. Unoptimized metadata has intermediate tables that enable out of order emission of metadata.  When the data is saved, it's typically optimized which requires that existing tokens be renumbered and this file provides the interface for reporting these remaps.
  • ceesectionstring.h
    • Comment:
      // This class is responsible for managing all the strings that have
      // been emitted for the PE file.
    • Notes:
      1. A hashtable implementation for interning strings in the metadata.
  • classfac.h
    • Implements COM's IClassFactory interface as a class CClassFactory.
  • clear-class-dump-defs.h
    • Undefines a bunch of macros, e.g., BEGIN_CLASS_DUMP_INFO
  • columnbinding.h
    • Column data encoding for metadata.  Not used in Rotor.
  • compressionformat.h
    • Defines struct CompressionMacroHeader which is not used in Rotor.
  • contxt.h
    • Generated by MIDL.
  • cor.h
    • General header for the Runtime.  Worth a more in-depth description.
  • cordbpriv.h
    • Notes:
      1. Defines ICorDBPrivHelper and associated consts and macros.
      2. Used by the test infrastructure to create a managed object and inspect its contents.
  • cordebug.h (not in the tarball)
    • File created by MIDL compiler from the included file cordebug.idl.
  • corerror.h
    • lists the HResults used by the .NET Framework.