Here’s the fourth installment of the annotations.  Do people find this useful?  I know that Andrew thinks that these annotations are a good idea.  I would love to hear feedback from others.

  • corpriv.h
    • Defines two interfaces: IMetaDataHelper and IMetaDataEmitHelper and a set of functions.  They are all internal to the runtime.
    • Mostly they open and close images and provide some operations on them.
  • corprof.h (not in the tarball)
    • CLR Profiling interfaces
    • Generated from corprof.idl
  • corpub.h (not in the tarball)
    • Common Language Runtime Process Publishing Interfaces
    • Generated from corpub.idl
  • corsvcpriv.h
    • For hosting the runtime as an NT service process
  • corsym.h (not in the tarball)
    • Common Language Runtime Debugging Symbol Reader/Writer/Binder Interfaces
    • If you installed the Framework SDK, you can find the specification of these interfaces in SDK\v1.1\Tool Developers Guide\docs\DebugRef.doc
    • Generated from corsym.idl
  • cortypeinfo.h
    • Comment:
      // This describes information about the COM+ primitive types
    • Notes:
      1. Similar idea to opcode.def: you define a macro and it is applied to all built-in types
  • crtwrap.h
    • Wrapper code for the C runtime library.
    • #include "rotor_palrt.h"
  • dbgalloc.h
    • Comment:
      //  Routines layered on top of allocation primitives to provide debugging
      //  support.
    • Notes:
      1. Provides DbgAlloc/DbgFree
      2. Provides macros for instrumenting locks which go away in non-debug builds
      3. Provides CDA_DECL_CALLSTACK and CDA_GET_CALLSTACK which are nops in Rotor.
  • dbgmeta.h
    • Comment:
      // header file for debugger metadata routines
  • debugmacros.h
    • Comment:
      // Wrappers for Debugging purposes.
    • Notes:
      • Things like _DbgBreakCheck, IfFailGoto
      • _DbgBreakCheck is called by the JIT for a failing assert in the debug build.  Used in ASSERTE.
  • declsec.h
    • Declarative Security Header
    • Defines DECLSEC_ macros
    • Declares SecurityProperties and SecurityValue classes.  SecurityProperties  has member functions and SecurityValue doesn't.
    • Declares additional types and conversion macros for them.
  • dump-tables.h
    • Declares ClassDumpInfo, ClassDumpTable, ClassDumpTableBlock.
    • Used by SOS to dump various useful tables.