Peter has recently pointed out to me that the “Shared Source CLI Essentials” book is quite popular on Amazon.  If you look at Amazon’s page for the book, you will see that it is number 1 for readers in Redmond, WA and number 5 for Microsoft.  I’m not sure what the latter “purchase circle” is…  Are these people who work at Microsoft?  Or people who buy books about Microsoft products?  In any case, these statistics are very cool for a book that describes internals of an implementation.  I would expect that general books that describe .NET or C# should be more popular.

What does this prove?  It probably means that many developers really want to understand what goes on under the hood of hot new technologies.  And this is a very good source of information if you want to learn about Rotor.  Furthermore many things are done the same way in Rotor and the commercial CLR, so you can get a glimpse at how the CLR is implemented.  I would recommend this book.