• dump-type-info.h
    • Comment:
      Defines macros which turn the contents of "dump-types.h" into class offsets
      and member offsets to use with GetMemberOffset().
    • Used by SOS.  See dump-tables.h  Includes dump-types.h
  • dump-types.h
    • Comment:
      Tables needed by Minidump & SOS
    • Generates descriptions of unmanaged classes
  • eetwain.h
    • Comment
      // This file has the definition of ICodeManager and EECodeManager.
    • Notes
      1. In fact EECodeManager (the implementation of ICodeManager) is not defined in this file.
      2. Code manager is used by GC, security, debugger and exceptions handling for stack walking.
  • ehencoder.h
    • Comment:
      Implementation of EH encoding interface that is used by both the VM (for decoding) and JITters (for encoding)
    • Notes:
      1. See ECMA CLI Partition II for encoding details
      2. See ehencoder.cpp in the same directory
  • enc.h
    • Edit and continue.  A nop in Rotor.
  • frame-types.h
    • Used like opcode.def: define macros first and include this file
    • It defines all special marker and transition frames.  See the SSCLI book.
  • fusion.h (not in the tarball)
    • Comment:
      Fusion Interfaces.
    • Notes:
      1. See clr/src/fusion.
      2. Generated from fusion.idl.
  • fusionbind.h
    • Comment:
      Implements FusionBind (loader domain) architecture
  • fusionpriv.h (not in the tarball)
    • Comment:
      Fusion Interfaces
    • Generated from the fusionpriv.idl.
  • fusionsetup.h
    • Comment:
      Defines that are used in both managed and unmanged code
    • Much of the managed stuff is in file clr/bcl/System/AppDomainSetup.cs and is visible as System.AppDomainSetup
  • fusionsink.h
    • Provides implementation for IAssemblyBindSink.
    • Provides a single method, OnProgress