• fuspriv.h (not in tarball)
    • Like other *.idl files, it is copied from palrt/idl
    • Unlike other files generated from idl, this one doesn't have a corresponding idl file anywhere in the tarball.
  • gchost.h (not in tarball)
    • Comment:
      * Common Language Runtime Profiling interfaces
      * The IGCHost allows a host environment to get statistics about the
      * garbage collector as well as to gain some limited control over collections.
      * This interface can be QueryInterface'd for on from the CorHost object.
    • Generated from gchost.idl
  • guidfromname.h
    • Defines two GUID generators: CorGuidFromNameW, CorIIDFromCLSID
  • holder.h
    • Comment:
       // Various resource Holders
       // General idea is to have a templatized class who's ctor and dtor call
       // allocation management functions. This makes the holders type-safe, and
       // the compiler can inline most/all of the holder code.
    • None of the types declared in this file seems to be used.
  • hrex.h
    • Comment:
      HR <-> SEH exception functions.
    • Examples: ThrowHR, ThrowError
  • iceefilegen.h
    • An implementation is in ceefilegen.cpp.  Parts of the interface dealing with signatures are deprecated in that implementation.
    • Forwards to CeeFileGenWriter
  • ilformatter.h
    • This is dead as are ilformatter.cpp and opinfo.[h,cpp].
  • il_kywd.h
    • Comment:
       // COM+ IL keywords, symbols and values
       // This is the master table used in ILASM (asmparse.y)
       // and ILDASM (dis.cpp)
       // symbols and values are defined in asmparse.y
       // and not used in dis.cpp
    • Notes:
      • Lexemes for ilasm and ildasm.
      • Used like opcode.def
  • internaldebug.h
    • Comment:
       // This is internal code for debug mode which will turn on memory dump checking
       // and other settings.  Call the api's according to:
       // _DbgInit      On startup to init the system.
       // _DbgRecord Call this when you are sure you want dump checking.
       //_DbgUninit    Call at process shutdown to force the dump.
    • Notes:
      • In Rotor all of these are nops.
      • _DbgRecord sets a variable that is never used.
  • intrinsic.h
    • Comment:
       // Force several very useful functions to be intrinsic, which means that the
       // compiler will generate code inline for the functions instead of generating
       // a call to the function.
    • A very short list of intrinsics we are asking the MS C++ compiler to inline
  • ipcfunccall.h
    • Comment:
      // Define class to support a cross process function call.
    • It seems to be used only in startup and shutdown to synchronize with PerfMon.
  • ipcmanagerinterface.h
    • Comment:
      // Interface for InterProcess Communication with a COM+ process.
    • Interfaces for creating IPC readers and writers.
  • ivalidator.h (not in tarball)
    • Comment:
      // IValidator is used to staticly validate COR images.
    • Notes:
      • Primarily used by PEVerify.
      • Generated from ivalidator.idl
  • ivehandler.h (not in tarball)
    • Comment:
      Verification Event Handler Interface
    • Generated from ivehandler.idl