• jitperf.h
    • Comment:
       // Internal interface for gathering JIT perfmormance stats. These stats are
       // logged (or displayed) in two ways. If PERF_COUNTERS are enabled the
       // perfmon etc. would display the jit stats. If ENABLE_PERF_LOG is enabled
       // and PERF_OUTPUT env var is defined then the jit stats are displayed on the
       // stdout. (The jit stats are outputted in a specific format to a file for
       // automated perf tests.)
    • A nop in Rotor v1.
  • log.h
    • Comment
      // Logging Facility
    • Usage is described in html docs for Rotor.
  • loglf.h
    • Defines categories of things to log.
    • See log.h and the html docs.
  • machine.h
    • Defines DWORD and QWORD.  Optionally includes windows.h etc.
  • md5.h
    • Comment:
      // A pretty-darned fast implementation of MD5
  • mdcommon.h
    • Comment:
      // Common header file for both MD and COMPLIB subdirectories
    • Notes:
      1. Defines an enum for file formats
      2. Defines strings (A & W) of metadata stream names.
  • member-offset-info.h
    • Defines MEMBER_OFFSET_INFO: appends _member_offset_info to its argument
    • See dump-tables.cpp.  This file defines structs that are declared as friends of various data structures.
  • metadata.h
    • Comment:
       //   Common includes for EE & metadata internal. This file contains
       //   definition of CorMetaDataScope
    • Definitions of internal metadata APIs (COM-based) and their supporting structs and enums.
  • metadatatracker.h
    • In Rotor stubbed out.
  • metamodelpub.h
    • Internal definitions of the metadata tables.  See ECMA CLI Partition II.
  • mscorcfg.h
    • A trivial XML parser for config files.
  • mscoree.h (not in tarball)
    • Generated from mscoree.idl
  • nativevaraccessors.h
    • Comment:
      // The following are used to read and write data given NativeVarInfo
      // for primitive types. Don't use these for VALUECLASSes.
    • Related to ICorDebugInfo.  Used by the impl of the Debugger API.
  • nsutilpriv.h
    • Comment:
      // Helpers for converting namespace separators.
    • E.g. splitting a string into a namespace and name.
  • openum.h
    • Defines enums opcode_t (using opcode.def) and opcode_format_t.
  • opinfo.h
    • Defines types that implement the IL opcode decoder.
  • outstring.h
    • Comment:
       /* A simple, lightweight, character output stream, with very few
       external dependancies (like sprintf ... ) */