• palclr.h
    • Comment:
      // Various macros and constants that are necessary to make the CLR portable.
  • palstartup.h
    • Comment:
       // An implementation of startup code for Rotor's Unix PAL.  This file should
       // be included by any file in a PAL application that defines main.
       // palstartupw.h is the Unicode version of this file.
    • Wraps user's main with a call to PAL_initialize and sets PAL_Terminate via atexit.
  • palstartupw.h
    • See palstartup.h
  • perfcounterdefs.h
    • Comment:
       // Internal Interface for CLR to use Performance counters
    • Defines the shapes of perf counter blocks as they might appear in shared memory
  • perfcounters.h
    • Comment:
       // Internal Interface for CLR to use Performance counters
    • Defines API to access counters and update them.
  • perflog.h
    • Comment:
       // Internal interface for logging perfromance data. Currently, two types of logging
       // formats are supported, Pretty print for stdout and perf automation friendly
       // format.
  • pesectionman.h
    • Comment:
       // Section Manager for portable executables
       // Common to both Memory Only and Static (EXE making) code
  • posterror.h
    • PostError loads a resource string for a given error, fills it in using the equivalent of sprintf and generates an IErrorInfo via ICreateErrorInfo interface.  Sets the current error to that value by calling SetErrorInfo.
  • prettyprintsig.h
    • Defines PrettyPrintSig which is used in ildasm and PrettyPrintSigInternal which is used internally to compute GUIDs for types for use in COM interop.
  • profilepriv.h
    • Helper structs, enums, variables and functions for the profiling API
  • querybinding.h
    • Comment:
       //   Query binding macros for internal use in mscoree.
    • Not used in Rotor.
  • regdisp.h
    • Arch-dependent but OS-independent struct representing register state and accessor functions.
  • safegetfilesize.h
    • Comment:
       // This provides a wrapper around GetFileSize() that forces it to fail
       // if the file is >4g and pdwHigh is NULL. Other than that, it acts like
       // the genuine GetFileSize().
  • setupcodes.h
    • Comment:
       // This file contains the errors that the Setup and related tools return
    • Not used in Rotor
  • shimload.h
    • Comment:
       // Sets/Gets the directory based on the location of the module. This routine
       // is called at COR setup time. Set is called during EEStartup and by the
       // MetaData dispenser.
  • sighelper.h
    • Comment:
      // This file defines the helpers for processing signature
  • stacktrace.h
    • Not used in Rotor.
  • stdmacros.h
    • Portability macros and formatting macros for logging