This is the last post giving brief summaries of .h files in the clr/src/inc directory of the Rotor distribution.  As usually whenever the file contains a good summary in a comment, I simply quote the comment here, otherwise I write new notes to capture the contents of the file.  Comments that are copied verbatim from the source file are distinguished by a font.

  • stgpool.h
    • Comment:
       // Pools are used to reduce the amount of data actually required in the database.
       // This allows for duplicate string and binary values to be folded into one
       // copy shared by the rest of the database.  Strings are tracked in a hash
       // table when insert/changing data to find duplicates quickly.  The strings
       // are then persisted consecutively in a stream in the database format.
    • In-memory format used for the metadata heaps.
  • stgpooli.h
    • Comment:
       // This is helper code for the string and blob pools.  It is here because it is
       // secondary to the pooling interface and reduces clutter in the main file.
    • Hash functions and get/put packed length
  • stresslog.h
    • Defines STRESS_LOG0 and STRESS_LOG1 which are defined to be nops in Rotor.
  • strongname.h
    • Comment:
      // Wrappers for signing and hashing functions needed to implement strong names
  • switches.h
    • Comment:
      switch configuration of common runtime features
  • threadpool.h
    • Constants for the thread pool.
    • Comment in the file is incorrect.
  • timeline.h
    • Comment:
      // Simple timed manual event log, for profiling purposes.
  • timer.h
    • Comment:
       // This module contains the CTimer class which will time events and keep
       // running totals.  This class will first try to use a high performance
       // counter if the system supports it.  This type of counter is much more
       // accurate than the system clock.  If the system does not support this, then
       // the normal clock is used.  The total time is returned
  • tpoolfnsp.h
    • Used like opcode.def.  Declares thread pool functions through the STRUCT_ENTRY macro.
  • utilcode.h
    • Comment:
      Utility functions implemented in UtilCode.lib.
  • utsem.h
    • Utility semaphors and locks.
  • vererror.h
    • Comment:
      definitions of data structures, needed to report verifier errors
  • warningcontrol.h
    • Comment:
      Header file to globally control the warning settings
    • Not widely used
  • winwrap.h
    • Comment:
      This file contains wrapper functions for Win32 API's that take strings.
  • wsinfo.h
    • Not used in Rotor
  • wsperf.h
    • Comment:
       // This is the internal interface for collecting and logging dynamic data
       // allocations and deallocations. There is two kinds of data collected
       // summary and detailed. Summary data gives a summary of of allocations made
       // from various heaps (e.g. Highfrequency, Low frequency heap etc.). Summary
       // data also includes number of common data structures allocated e.g. MethodDescs
       // etc.
  • xmlparser.h
    • Defines the COM interface IXMLParser and related interfaces
    • Generated from an IDL file not included in the Rotor distribution
  • __mscoree_file__.h
    • Identification info put in resource files