Earlier this week I attended CGO (International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization) and MRE (Workshop on Managed Runtime Environments).  There were two many presentations to cover them all.  Here are just some highlights.

  • There were two very interesting keynotes:
    • Is Performance Research Done? By Amitabh Srivastava from Microsoft
      An excellent overview of PPRC (Programmer Productivity Research Center) research projects.
    • Evolving the Next Generation of Compilers by Keith Cooper from Rice.
      To get you curious, I will say that the talk started with a premise that compilers are not slow enough, that is the compilers didn't get slower as quickly at the CPUs speed increased.  Have a look at the slides if it sounds intriguing.
  • All CGO papers are available online.
  • Slides from talks at the MRE workshop are available online.  There were a few interesting talks at the workshop including two from Microsoft: about the CLRProfiler and PreJIT (aka NGEN).