Last Thursday I went to the Birds-Of-A-Feather session about Rotor at the Virtual Machine (VM'04) conference.  There were over a dozen attendees.  Most people haven't done much work with Rotor yet and they were there out of curiosity.  I managed to write down names of most but not all of the participants.  If I missed you and you want to be included, please let me know.

  • John Gough had handouts of the newly written Appendix D for his book.  This part talks about unsafe code and unmanaged data.
  • Neal Glew from Intel talked about their experiences integrating a new JIT and GC into Rotor.  This work will be presented at the .NET workshop in a few weeks.
  • Lingli Zhang, a graduate student from UCSB, is considering using Rotor for her thesis.
  • Deepak Chandra, a grad student from UC Irvine, is considering using Rotor for his information flow work.
  • Mark Lewin from MSR was helping me present the winners of the Rotor RFP2.  A few people asked for a link to a web page with that list but I think that it's not available yet (I will try to find out).  The list of RFP1 winners is online.
  • Yahya Mirza announced a workshop he's organizing for OOPSLA.
  • Tarek Abdelrahman from the University of Toronto, Hans Boehm from HP and a few others were just listening.
  • Gil Tene and Ivan Posva from Azul Systems were asking questions about Pinvoke and interop with native code and wrote down the info I showed them about and Adam Nathan's .NET and COM book.