To date there has been no standard set of benchmarks that do something meaningful, run on Rotor and execute long enough to enable performance measurements.  Standard benchmarks are very important for publishing research results because they make easier to understand what applications are being presented in a given paper.  Ben Zorn from MSR has just published two benchmarks.  Hopefully, this is just a start and either Ben or others will put together more applications, so that we have a benchmark suite of 5-10 applications that can be used by all researchers looking into .NET.

 The two benchmarks available today are lcsbench and ahcbench.  Lcsbench is a front end of C# compiler written in C#.  Ahcbench is an implementation of Adaptive Huffman Compression.  Both benchmarks include three inputs of various sizes that achieve different execution times. 

Do you know of other nicely packaged benchmarks for .NET?  Do they run on Rotor?  Let me know!