Open source courses based on .NET are a great resource both for creating courses at other universities and for people who simply want to use the materials to learn something on their own about either .NET in general or Rotor.  I know of two such courses available today from the University of Linz in Austria (Johannes Kepler Universität Linz):

  • Application Development with C# and .NET.  I am posting this before I had time to fully explore the web site but apparently there are 700 slides worth of presentations (equivalent to 30 45-minute lectures, in German and English), 200 exercises with sample solutions, a larger case study and references to books that have been written for the course (books are also both in German and English).
  • Compiler Construction.  Again, I haven’t actually read any of this yet but this seems to be a very cool compiler class with over 300 slides and a case study of a complete compiler for Z# (I’ve never heard of Z# and I assume that it must be a language of the level of complexity appropriate for a compiler class).

Other .NET-related materials are available on a companion web site.