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  • Blog Post: Execution Engine-independent JIT compilers

    I have recently put together a set of slides about LIL (Low-level Intermediate Language) and gave a talk at Microsoft. This work was done before I joined Microsoft: LIL was developed by the ORP ( Open Runtime Platform ) team at Intel. LIL was addressing multiple issues in the ORP design (papers referenced...
  • Blog Post: Secure CRT

    One of the cool new things we are doing in the security push is the conversion of all uses of potentially unsafe CRT (C Runtime) functions to their new, safe counterparts. When we think of unsafe CRT functions, we usually think of string manipulation functions and these functions are probably indeed...
  • Blog Post: CLR Security Push

    I have been recently coordinating much of the efforts on the CLR dev team related to the security push. The security push is a period of a few weeks for all groups involved in Whidbey to let us focus on making Whidbey more secure. There was recently a very good post by Mikhail Arkhipov outlining many...
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