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  • Blog Post: Other LIL languages

    My most recent post was about LIL (Low-level Intermediate Language). I realized recently that this is an obvious acronym to use in the context of a lightweight computer language and just for fun I searched the web for "LIL" in the context of terms related to computer science, languages, virtual machines...
  • Blog Post: CLR and JVM performance compared

    I wrote recently about Ben Zorn’s benchmarks . And now I’ve just found out about a web page with performance comparisons of JVM and CLR implementations: Kazuyuki Shudo who has been posting for many years performance comparisons of various JVMs has now added CLR and Mono for two of the benchmarks that...
  • Blog Post: Workshop on the Future of Virtual Execution Environments

    I've been looking this week at presentation from the Workshop on the Future of Virtual Execution Environments hosted by IBM Research two weeks ago. Most of the presentations are online . Reading through the slides you can get a good idea of what different people in the industry, academia and the open...
  • Blog Post: CGO 2005 and MRE 2005

    CGO stands for a rather long " 2005 International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization with special emphasis on feedback-directed and runtime optimization ". The deadline for submitting papers is September 13, 2004. As usually, CGO is co-located with the Managed Runtime Environments workshop...
  • Blog Post: CLR talk at IVME'04

    Vance Morrison will talk about CLR performance at the IVME (Interpreters, Virtual Machines and Emulators) workshop in June. This should be a very interesting talk. This workshop is co-located with PLDI (Programming Language Design and Implementation) in Washington, DC.
  • Blog Post: Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability

    This MSDN online guide to performance tuning for .NET is excellent. I love it when someone puts together so much information in a nicely organized way.
  • Blog Post: CGO and MRE

    Earlier this week I attended CGO (International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization) and MRE (Workshop on Managed Runtime Environments). There were two many presentations to cover them all. Here are just some highlights. There were two very interesting keynotes: Is Performance Research...
  • Blog Post: Introduction

    Welcome! This post is just an introduction. I work in the CLR team on the Rotor and Semiworks projects. In the future, you will see more from me about both of these projects. I’m new to the CLR team and Microsoft (although I worked at Microsoft as an intern 10 years ago). Before joining the CLR...
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