December, 2006

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I have shortly introduced myself in my first post. What I didn't do, is to warn (well, maybe just inform) that you can expect different quotations hidden in my post (title of the first post can by familiar for some of you :)). I'm also a big fan of movies and books so you can expect posts in case of big events (watching "V for Vendetta" and reading "The system of the world" for example).

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    Msscci 1.2 arrived

    As Brian writes in his blog we released new version of TFS Msscci Provider. Nice improvements are fixes in the property (displaying local path) and checkin (saving the work items query list between the calls) dialog. We have also changed the provider...
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    Nicer TFS Msscci in VS2003

    Recently I started testing new TFS Msscci Provider. Doing that, I discovered a few Visual Studio settings that I should turn on long time ago. What is a little irritating while working in VS2003+TFS Msscci is that when doing checkout I’m prompted to...
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    Tracing in TFS Msscci provider

    Tracing can be enabled in Msscci the same way as in tf.exe or devenv. In the setup directory (the one containing TfsMsscciSvr.exe) you need to create file named TfsMsscciSvr.exe.config. Here is what it should contain: <?xml version="1.0"?> ...
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