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Michael Entin's notebook

March, 2007

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    Running SSIS package programmatically

    I got several questions asking what is the best way to run SSIS packages programmatically. One question is about running SSIS from a .NET 1.1 application (SSIS uses .NET 2.0). Another about running package remotely "Do I really have to write an ASP.net...
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    Why Debug command is disabled for my SSIS package?

    Debugging support for SSIS packages is probably one of the best features of the SSIS 2005 designer, but sometimes you may find that "Debug" and "Start without Debugging' commands are grayed out. Why? The reason might be obvious to developers who worked with Visual Studio, but hard to find to people coming with DTS experience. In Visual Studio the debugging facilities are provided by the project, so you can't debug if you opened a .DTSX file standalone, without a project....
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    Using SSIS object model from C++

    All the samples in MSDN show how use SSIS API from C# or VB.NET code. Is it possible to do this from C++ code? The answer is yes, if you know COM it should be quite easy for you, and the COM API is very close to .NET API (I think .NET API is nicer due...
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