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  • Blog Post: PowerPivot beginner journey 3

    PowerPivot lesson #3 - if the data can't be refreshed, it should be in Excel, or copied to PowerPivot. I added zip code data from CSV file by loading to PowerPivot, and discarded the CSV since I did not plan to update it. Bad idea. PowerPivot wants to update all data when you do Refresh All, and missing...
  • Blog Post: PowerPivot beginner journey 2

    I was exploring the data, and found lots of interesting info from my data set. But I could not find how to join some tables in PowerPivot, and after looking at the source data - it turned out my source data used GUID columns, stored as binary, for row IDs - and PowerPivot silently hid it. I would expect...
  • Blog Post: Undocumented PowerPivot installation requirement

    Trying to use PowerPivot, just found undocumented PowerPivot installation requirement: Excel .NET Programmability Support. If PowerPivot silently fails to load, and in Event Viewer you've got an event like below, run Office Setup / Add or Remove Features, then check .NET Programmability Support under...
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